Tucker Carlson Declares: First Amendment’s Era is Over – SEE IT!

In a recent episode of his show, Tucker Carlson had a conversation with social media influencer Douglass Mackey, who was recently convicted of Conspiracy Against Rights for sharing a meme about Hillary Clinton. The discussion revolved around the growing concern that the First Amendment in America is slowly disappearing.

Mackey was found guilty for posting a meme on Twitter during the 2016 election. The meme encouraged Hillary Clinton supporters to vote for her through text message or social media. The image featured a black woman holding a sign that read “African Americans for Hillary” with the text “Avoid the Line. Vote from Home,” “Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925,” and “Vote for Hillary and be a part of history.” The meme also included a small print disclaimer stating the requirements for voting and that it was paid for by Hillary For President 2016.

Tucker Carlson, in his typical straightforward manner, described the trial as “the single greatest assault on free speech and human rights in this country’s modern history.” He firmly declared that the First Amendment is no longer upheld in America.

Carlson questioned the absurdity of a system where one can be indicted by the federal government and potentially face a ten-year prison sentence for mocking Hillary Clinton on social media. He emphasized that free speech is a fundamental aspect of a free country, yet it seems to be eroding rapidly due to the battle over information.

Doug Mackey, who found himself on the receiving end of a federal raid, indictment, and conviction, joined Carlson to share his shocking story. The conversation shed light on the disturbing reality that such prosecutions are becoming more common.

It is disheartening to witness the growing suppression of free speech. The ability to express one’s opinions and engage in political satire should never be a criminal offense. The case of Douglass Mackey serves as a wake-up call for all Americans who cherish their right to free speech and should be a reminder of the importance of protecting this fundamental constitutional right.

Written by Staff Reports

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