Denial Runs Deep as Biden Campaign Faces Five Days of Turmoil

The Biden Campaign Collapse Tracker has reached Day Five, and the denial within the Democratic ranks is reaching levels that not even the mighty Aswan Dam could contain. It’s a sight to behold, a mix of concern for the Republic and a touch of glorious spectacle for conservative onlookers.

Dmitri Mehlhorn, a prominent Democrat fundraiser, didn’t mince words when he suggested that a “dead Biden was better than a live Kamala.” This harsh reality check is a stark reminder of the challenges plaguing Presidentish Joe Biden’s administration, particularly with his recent DEI appointment.

However, things take a nosedive from there. When confronted about Biden’s dismal poll numbers, Mehlhorn bizarrely doubled down on the president’s unwavering confidence, dismissing the data as inconsequential fluctuations within the margin of error. If only reality TV could capture this level of delusion.

In a comical twist, Mehlhorn questioned why Trump’s odds weren’t higher if the polls truly favored Biden. A valid point, if one could penetrate the thick walls of denial shielding Mehlhorn from the harsh truth—Trump’s odds are currently at their lowest.

Various betting markets paint a dire picture for Biden’s re-election prospects, with Trump enjoying comfortable leads ranging from 2.5-to-one up to a staggering four-to-one advantage. Even the once-revered Nate Silver must confront the grim reality, pegging Biden’s odds at a mere one in 2.5.

The White House’s efforts to downplay Biden’s age-related issues have only exacerbated the situation, with a meticulously managed schedule aimed at shielding the president from unscripted interactions and limiting exposure to the media. As Biden’s slip-ups become harder to ignore, his advisors continue to insist that all is well—a parody that even the writers of “Arrested Development” would find too outlandish.

Despite the chaos unfolding, President Biden’s inner circle remains unfazed, nonchalantly shrugging off the need for a proper press conference while the world seemingly crumbles around them.

Written by Staff Reports

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