Pollster John Zogby Urges Biden to Drop Out of 2024 Race

In a plot twist that is more fitting for a political soap opera than serious governance, Democratic pollster John Zogby apparently had enough of playing cheerleader for President Joe Biden. The one-time Biden enthusiast is now urging the President to drop out of the 2024 race posthaste. Yes, you read that right—Mr. Zogby, who has bestowed high marks upon Biden’s presidency on everything from the economy to job creation, is now changing his tune.

It’s almost Shakespearean, really. Zogby suggests Democrats should start parading a fresh face just as the Republicans are getting into gear at their Milwaukee convention, hoping to steal the limelight from the GOP. One has to wonder if even Hollywood scriptwriters could concoct such a dramatic pivot. Apparently, Zogby has had enough of Biden bungling debate stages and displaying increasing mental lapses, which have grown more frequent than media gaffes on CNN.

The seasoned pollster laid out three reasons for Biden to mosey on out of the presidential race. First, Biden’s endless troubles are drowning in media and public scrutiny, sort of like watching Titanic on repeat. Second, the man who once promised to unite America seems incapable of redirecting attention to his so-called “achievements” as President. And third, Biden’s ballooning ego has reached stratospheric levels. His post-Trump debate tours turned into a monologue of “I, I, I, me, me, me,” which Zogby finds disturbingly narcissistic. One almost expects him to start distributing “World’s Best President” mugs in the Oval Office.

It doesn’t end there. Enter Jeremy Zogby, stage right, adding a fourth reason: the Biden family’s love for retaining power. Not just any power, mind you, but the gilded, elite brand of influence. According to the younger Zogby, the Biden clan doesn’t just savor their privileged status—they’ll cling to it like a dog with a bone. In other words, don’t expect the Biden dynasty to step down gracefully; they’re more likely to cement themselves in power until forcibly chiseled out of their chairs.

So, as the Democratic drama unfolds, one must ponder: Is this frantic bid to rescue a failing ship or just the last act in a tragic political play? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure—the Biden spectacle isn’t ending quietly. Keep that popcorn ready; this political theater isn’t closing its curtains anytime soon.

Written by Staff Reports

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