DeSantis Shakes Up Moms for Liberty Event, Pushes Back on Left’s Anti-Family Nonsense

During the Moms for Liberty event, Governor Ron DeSantis is about to cause a stir, so be ready! This rising GOP star is prepared to support pro-parent legislation and oppose the absurd idea put forth by the Left to destroy the nuclear family. Someone with common sense, at last!

DeSantis will team up with other conservative heavyweights at the second annual Moms for Liberty conference, including former President Trump and former governor Nikki Haley, to dismantle the Democrats' plan to brainwash our young children with Critical Race Theory and inappropriate educational materials. It's high time someone stopped this foolishness!

Our children have been well-protected by Governor DeSantis from the awakened Marxist agenda of the Left. He is aware that decisions concerning their children's education should be made by the parents, not the government or some radical teachers. People, we need greater parental authority. It's called that.

DeSantis said, "We are going to fight the sexualization of minors!" in his own words. Yes, I agree! He also has no desire to serve as corporate America's puppet. My friends, the days of Republicans caving to big business are past. It's encouraging to see a politician that genuinely values the opinions of the public.

However, there's still more! DeSantis has been an advocate for parental rights, and his "Parental Rights in Education" bill has generated a lot of controversy among liberals. What breakdowns they had, oh my! And he continued after that. DeSantis also ratified the ground-breaking Let Kids be Kids law, which guarantees that minors cannot use transgender hormones or undergo transgender surgery while maintaining the safety of young girls in our toilets. At last, a person who prioritizes common sense before political correctness!

DeSantis has a strong message for all parents in the country: let your kids be kids! They shouldn't have to suffer from having an agenda forced down their throats. The choice of what their children learn and how they mature should be up to the parents. Really, it's a basic idea, but the leftist progressives seem to have trouble grasping it.

Of course, some progressive demonstrators tried to stymie the procession, as was to be anticipated. They claimed that Moms for Liberty was disseminating anti-LGBTQ propaganda. I need a break! The reality is simply too much for these protesters to bear. Moms for Liberty opposes government co-parenting and will do whatever it takes to defend parental rights. Well done, guys!

Prepare to applaud as Governor Ron DeSantis is coming to defend our families, shield our kids from indoctrination, and uphold the precious relationship between parents and their children. Let's support him and demonstrate to the world what it means to be an American conservative parent!

Written by Staff Reports

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