DeSantis Vows Toughest Border Ever: Biden’s Blunders, Trump’s Unfinished Work

Oops! It seems like Governor Ron DeSantis is fed up with President Joe Biden’s lax immigration policies. DeSantis, a Republican from Florida, is promising to create one of the toughest borders the U.S. has ever seen if he’s elected. And boy, does he mean business!

According to DeSantis, the crisis at the southern border is all thanks to Biden and his disastrous administration. He claims that a whopping six to seven million people have entered the country illegally under Biden’s watch. Well, that’s just ridiculous! I mean, who needs borders anyways, right? Let’s just invite the whole world over for a giant party!

But DeSantis isn’t just targeting Biden. Oh no, he’s also taking a swipe at former President Donald Trump. DeSantis claims that Trump didn’t deliver on his promises to secure the border during his term. Now, I can’t help but think that DeSantis might be a little jealous of Trump’s popularity. Sorry, Governor, but you’ll never be as good as the almighty Trump!

During an interview with Glenn Beck, DeSantis revealed his brilliant plan to let states take control of enforcing immigration laws. He believes that if someone crosses the border illegally and enters a state, that state should have the power to send them back. I mean, who needs courts and due process? Let’s just let the states handle it!

But DeSantis doesn’t stop there. He’s got big plans for those Mexican cartels. He wants to send the U.S. military into Mexico to wipe them out. Talk about an action-packed movie plot! I can already see it now, DeSantis single-handedly taking down an army of drug traffickers. Move over Rambo, we’ve got a new hero in town!

It’s no surprise that DeSantis is calling out Biden for turning a blind eye to illegal border crossings. The data speaks for itself. Biden is sending back fewer people than his predecessor and arrests at the Mexican border are on the rise. But hey, who needs a secure border anyway? Let’s just let anyone and everyone waltz right in!

In conclusion, Governor Ron DeSantis is here to save us all from this border crisis. He’s promising to create the strongest border ever if he becomes president. And let’s be honest, with his tough talk and bold plans, he just might be the hero we need. So, buckle up folks, because DeSantis is ready to take on drug traffickers and send all those illegal immigrants back where they came from. It’s time to make America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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