Elder Ready for Trump VP Spot if 2024 Call Rings! Loyalty & Charisma Unite

Larry Elder, the Republican presidential candidate, made an interesting statement recently. He said that if former President Donald Trump offered him the position of running mate in the 2024 election, he would “take the call.” Now, this is quite a bold move, considering Elder himself is running for president. But hey, if the opportunity arises, why not answer the phone, right?

Elder, who has been a staunch supporter of Trump in the past, believes that Trump has been unfairly attacked and would struggle to win over key voters in 2024. He even joked that some people would accuse Trump of not being able to swim if he walked on water. I mean, come on, let’s give the man a break! Perhaps what we need is a vaccine for Trump derangement syndrome. Maybe someday someone will develop one. Who knows?

But Elder also understands that in order to win in November 2024, the Republican Party might have to rally behind a candidate whose last name is not Trump. He believes that he could be that person, someone who can appeal to swing voters in swing states. And you know what? He might just be onto something. It’s time for Republicans to expand their horizons and consider candidates who can bring a fresh perspective to the table.

Now, let’s talk about Trump’s potential running mate. According to insiders, Trump is looking for someone who is loyal, charismatic, and ideologically aligned. It’s no surprise that presentation matters to Trump, so his VP choice needs to be “TV ready.” You know, someone who can captivate the audience and make a strong impression. After all, politics is not just about policies; it’s also about style and charisma.

There are a few lanes that Trump is considering for his running mate. He might choose a woman, a conservative of color, or a trusted adviser. And honestly, he has a lot of options. From Tim Scott in South Carolina to an Asian American in California or a Hispanic candidate in Texas, the possibilities are endless. Trump has the freedom to balance gender, race, and ethnicity on the ticket. It’s all about finding the right person who can complement his strengths and appeal to a diverse electorate.

So, there you have it. Larry Elder is open to the idea of being Trump’s running mate, but only if he doesn’t secure the party’s nomination himself. It’s a smart move, keeping his options open and showing his loyalty to the Republican cause. And as for Trump, well, he’s got a tough decision to make. But one thing’s for sure, he knows what he wants. A VP who’s loyal, charismatic, and TV ready. Let the auditioning begin!

Written by Staff Reports

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