Indie Journalist Faces DOJ Heat for Exposing Capitol Chaos Truths!

Steve Baker, a brave and independent investigative journalist, is now facing the wrath of the left-wing radical Department of Justice (DOJ) for his presence at the Capitol Building on January 6th. While the mainstream media photographers and videographers who were happily participating in the anti-Trump circus that day have faced no consequences, Mr. Baker is being targeted for exposing the truth. Talk about a double standard!

Mr. Baker, a true patriot, managed to capture some shocking footage of Capitol Police abusing their power. He filmed them firing into the crowd and spraying innocent protestors with pepper spray. He even caught a police officer expressing concern about a potential armed individual in the crowd. But perhaps the most chilling moment he captured was the tragic and unjust killing of Ashley Babbitt, an unarmed protestor. These are the images that the mainstream media conveniently ignores.

In a recent interview with Emerald Robinson on “The Absolute Truth,” Mr. Baker revealed the lengths to which the DOJ has gone to silence him. He received a warning from his attorney about a grand jury subpoena for his videos, potentially leading to criminal charges. The fact that the DOJ is targeting him, while turning a blind eye to so-called journalists like John Sullivan, is outrageous. Sullivan has actually been charged with multiple felonies, but the trial keeps getting delayed, and he seems to have no problem gallivanting off to Ukraine and using his passport for international travel. Where is the justice?

It’s clear that this is a politically motivated witch hunt against Mr. Baker and other non-corporate journalists who dared to report the truth about January 6th. The DOJ is using its power to silence dissent and protect their own narrative. This is a dangerous attack on freedom of the press and an abhorrent abuse of power by the Biden administration. We must stand with Steve Baker and demand that he be treated fairly and that the DOJ stop its partisan persecution. Let freedom of speech ring loud and clear!

Written by Staff Reports

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