Inside Scoop: 40 FBI Informants Spilling Secrets on Biden Crime Clan!

In a letter addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland, GOP Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa alleged that the FBI had numerous informants providing evidence of corruption within the Biden family, yet the bureau refused to take any action. Grassley’s letter, which is based on years of investigation and information from Justice Department whistleblowers, claims that there has been a concerted effort to obstruct investigations into the Biden family by certain officials within the Justice Department and FBI.

Grassley specifically pointed out that at one point, the FBI had over 40 Confidential Human Sources providing criminal information related to Joe Biden, James Biden, and Hunter Biden. He questioned whether the FBI properly investigated this information or shut it down, noting that if the sources were shut down improperly, it wouldn’t be surprising given the FBI’s track record.

The senator also cited an FBI form from 2020 alleging that Joe and Hunter Biden received a $5 million bribe from the owner of a Ukrainian energy firm while Joe Biden was serving as vice president. Grassley also highlighted allegations made by former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski that the Bidens received a $5 million unsecured loan from a Chinese energy firm in 2017. Grassley argued that this financial strategy aligns with IRS whistleblower testimony indicating that Hunter Biden attempted similar tactics with other income.

Furthermore, Grassley claimed that the FBI used an assessment by an intelligence analyst to discredit negative information about Hunter Biden and therefore ceased further investigative activity. The senator has obtained the names of 25 DOJ and FBI personnel he wishes to interview regarding their role in halting investigations into the Bidens.

Fox News host Jesse Watters echoed Grassley’s concerns, suggesting that the FBI’s inaction indicates that they possess damaging information about President Biden and are using it to blackmail him. Watters argued that the FBI has been shutting down criminal investigations into the Bidens since at least the 2020 election, and that certain officials within the FBI wanted Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump.

Watters criticized the FBI for suppressing evidence of Biden family wrongdoing and pointed out the negative consequences of their actions, such as higher costs for Americans, an open border, and high crime rates. He portrayed the FBI as a rogue group of agents protecting a compromised president.

Grassley’s letter and Watters’ comments highlight the ongoing controversy surrounding investigations into the Biden family and raise questions about the FBI’s integrity and motivations.

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