Judge Chutkan Gags Trump: Biden’s DOJ Backs Free Speech Farce

Another day, another attack on former President Donald Trump by the biased and vindictive Judge Tanya Chutkan. This time, it’s about a protective order limiting what the fearless and outspoken Trump can say. But hey, who needs free speech anyway, right?

It’s no surprise that Chutkan denied Trump’s attorneys’ reasonable request for a narrowed limit on the protective order. After all, she has a track record of ruling against Trump and showing support for radical left-wing movements like Black Lives Matter. It’s clear that she has an ax to grind and is using her position to settle personal scores.

To make matters worse, Chutkan set the hearing date for August 11, despite both Trump’s attorneys and the Department of Justice agreeing that August 10 would work. It’s almost as if she wants to make it as difficult as possible for Trump’s legal team to attend the hearing. Talk about pure spite!

And let’s not forget the hypocrisy of the Biden administration, which claims to support fair trials while allowing Chutkan to preside over this case. Legal analysts from both sides of the aisle have raised concerns about Trump receiving a fair trial in the District of Columbia, yet the DOJ seems determined to push their biased narrative.

But fear not, because this case is far from over. It’s almost certain that it will reach the Supreme Court, just like the charges against former Governor Bob McDonnell did in 2014. Hopefully, the justices will see through the political witch hunt and vindicate Trump, just as they did back in 2016.

Meanwhile, Trump isn’t backing down. At a rally in New Hampshire, he addressed the free speech concerns raised by the indictment, vowing to continue speaking out against the injustice he’s facing. And who can blame him? This whole case reeks of another radical leftist hoax, just like the debunked Russian collusion narrative.

In the end, Trump’s voice will not be silenced. He will continue to fight for his First Amendment rights and expose the truth behind this politically motivated attack. The American people deserve to hear his side of the story, regardless of how hard the biased judge and the Biden administration try to suppress it.

Written by Staff Reports

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