Kamala Flubs “Culture” Definition: Twitter Roasts VP’s Latest Gaffe

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, found herself at the receiving end of a relentless roast on Twitter after a video surfaced of her struggling to define the word “culture” during the 2023 Essence Festival of Culture. This latest blunder by Harris only further ignited critiques of her ability to serve in such a high-ranking position.

Comedian and author Tim Young didn’t waste any time sharing the video, remarking that Harris’s attempt at defining “culture” was about as successful as a 9-year-old giving a book report on a book they hadn’t read. Young even went as far as saying it was cringier than most of Biden’s speeches. Ouch.

But hey, this isn’t the first time Harris has stumbled over her words. Earlier this year, she faced mockery for her baffling rant at an April pro-abortion rally. And let’s not forget about January, when she baffled the nation with her speech about Venn diagrams and school buses. It’s almost as if there’s a pattern here.

Yet, this recent gaffe managed to draw an even stronger reaction, with some comparing Harris’s comments to those of an AI chatbot. She mumbled something about culture being a reflection of the moment and how it allows us to express our feelings… or something like that. Honestly, it’s a bit hard to decipher exactly what she was trying to say.

Naturally, the Twitter-sphere had a field day with this one. Academy Award-winning actor James Woods didn’t hold back, sarcastically declaring that Harris had uncovered the true meaning of “culture” as the Artificial Intelligence Czar. Ouch, again.

Other notable figures chimed in as well. Journalist Doug Powers humorously advised Harris to take it easy on the gummy candies, implying that her words were as jumbled as if she had consumed a whole package at once. Conservative radio talker Chris Stigall didn’t mince his words, calling Harris the “emptiest human being alive” and accusing her of spewing vapid nonsense.

Even YouTuber Ranting Monkey got in on the action, proclaiming Harris to be the most quotable woman in history when it came to making quotes about quotes a woman might quote. It’s a dizzying circle of confusion, really.

Journalist Karen Townsend, perhaps overwhelmed by the cringe-worthy display, summed it up aptly with a simple “Good Lord.”

As conservatives, we can’t help but question the qualifications and intellectual depth of our leaders. It’s clear that Harris’s struggles with communication are worrying indicators of her capability to effectively serve as Vice President. Can we really afford to have someone in such a prominent position who can’t define basic terms without floundering? It’s up to the American people to decide, but it’s certainly a cause for concern.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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