McCarthy Vows Impeachment for Garland: Lying May Be his Downfall!

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made a bold statement when he said that he will start impeachment procedures against Attorney General Merrick Garland if it is proven that he lied to Congress. During an interview with Jesse Watters's Primetime, McCarthy made this promise.

Garland is set to go before the House Judiciary Committee on September 20. He will be asked a lot of questions about how the Justice Department handled the investigations into former President Donald Trump. The committee will also look into the claimed "criminal bribery scheme" between Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, who was Vice President at the time.

McCarthy makes it clear that he is ready to take action if Garland is found to have lied. He also says that the investigation into the Biden family and their alleged crimes will not stop. The Republicans in the House are determined to find out the truth and show that the government has done something wrong.

McCarthy shows how important their fight is by saying, "We are not lawyers. We don't have the power to bring charges, but we do have to fight for every piece of knowledge. We only know what you know today because we won the House, and we haven't given up on this."

McCarthy's words came on the same day that former President Trump said he had gotten a "target" letter from special counsel Jack Smith as part of another grand jury investigation into what happened on January 6. This makes it seem like the two events were planned together. This news makes the Republicans even more determined to show what they think is an unfair court system.

McCarthy is upset that people are treated differently in America's two-tiered justice system. He says, "Well, one thing we can do is to keep showing that America has two different justice systems. I mean, if you're related to Biden Inc., you're treated a certain way. Everyone else gets different treatment."

When Republicans took control of the House, they set up a committee to look into the use of weapons. The speaker thinks this committee is very important to their efforts to get justice. McCarthy promises to look into every possible angle of this case. He wants to fix what he sees as a major wrong in the system. He says, "We will take this in every direction we can."

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