Oregon Non-Binary Boom: Skyrocketing Dropout Rates & Lost Values!

In recent news from Oregon, a reported surge in students identifying as non-binary has raised eyebrows, with Fox News highlighting a 57 percent increase for the fourth consecutive year. Approximately 2,770 students in K-12 schools in the state proudly identified as non-binary during the 2022-2023 academic year, constituting nearly 0.5 percent of the total student population.

However, the report takes a skeptical turn, suggesting a correlation between non-binary identity and a higher dropout rate among these students compared to their more traditionally identified peers. This observation raises concerns about the impact of gender identity exploration on academic success, with a suggestion that a focus on gender labels might be diverting attention from more foundational academic pursuits.

The trend is noted not only in high schools but also in kindergartens, adding to the narrative of gender identity exploration starting at increasingly younger ages. The report expresses incredulity at the idea of young children grappling with such concepts.

The concern extends beyond Oregon, as a 2022 Pew Research Center survey indicates that approximately 3 percent of young adults ages 18-29 nationwide identify as non-binary, with an additional 2 percent identifying as transgender. This broader context is presented as evidence of a growing trend infiltrating the nation.

To counter this perceived trend, the article highlights voices pushing back against what they see as a non-binary invasion. Matt Bunch, a Republican primary candidate in Oregon House District 51, attributes the rise to a culture of "educating our children what to think, not how to think." The emphasis is placed on redirecting education towards traditional subjects rather than indulging in what is deemed as "gender fairy tales."

Citing a survey by Townhall, the article notes a shared sentiment across political backgrounds that public schools are not effectively teaching students about their responsibilities as good citizens. Almost half of the respondents in the survey believe that lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity receive excessive attention in schools.

Additionally, the article highlights concerns raised by Parents Defending Education, suggesting that Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) clubs are appearing in schools, including pre-schools, potentially contributing to what is portrayed as an indoctrination of children with ideological and political activism.

In summary, the article paints a narrative of a non-binary revolution on the rise in Oregon, raising concerns about its impact on education and conservative values. It advocates for a refocus on traditional educational priorities and a pushback against what is perceived as an invasion of non-binary and gender-related concepts in schools.





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