Outrageous Gag Order Tries to Silence Trump: Dems in Panic Mode

Special Counsel Jack Smith is attempting to put a muzzle on the voice of former President Donald Trump with an outrageous gag order. You heard that right, folks. Smith wants to silence Trump and prevent him from exercising his free speech rights during his presidential campaign. It’s an overt and unconstitutional attempt to censor and silence the leading Republican candidate.

This audacious move by Smith comes as no surprise considering that D.C. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who will be deciding on the gag order, has already displayed her bias against Trump in previous cases. It’s clear that they are trying to stack the deck against him at every turn.

The motion for the proposed gag order highlights Trump’s so-called “inflammatory” rhetoric and critical comments about the criminal charges and everyone involved in the case. But let’s be real here, folks. Trump is just exercising his right to criticize the government and its institutions. It’s his first amendment-protected right, and they’re trying to take it away from him.

Trump’s attorneys didn’t waste any time in firing back at Smith’s attempt at censorship. They called out the prosecution for their inflammatory rhetoric and accused them of violating long-standing rules of prosecutorial ethics. They argued that the gag order offered no real evidence of actual threatening or intimidating statements from Trump and was simply an attempt to silence him during the most crucial months of his campaign against President Biden.

And they’re right, folks. This proposed gag order is nothing more than an obvious attempt by the Biden administration to unlawfully silence their most prominent political opponent. They’re scared that Trump is gaining a commanding lead in the polls, so they’re resorting to desperate measures. This is censorship, plain and simple, and it’s unconstitutional.

It’s unclear how Judge Chutkan will rule on this outrageous gag order, but it’s worth noting that she has already rejected a motion from Trump’s team seeking her recusal from the case due to her apparent bias against the former president. We can only hope that she sees through this blatant attempt at censorship and upholds Trump’s right to free speech. Our democracy depends on it, folks.

Written by Staff Reports

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