Republicans Blast Wray Over Shady Anti-Catholic Memo Testimony!

In response to Christopher Wray's statement about the memo, Senate Republicans are demanding an explanation from the FBI director. They discovered multiple new facts that contradict his claims. Some of the individuals who signed the letter included Mike Lee, James Lankford and Rick Scott.

Senator Grassley stated that Director of the FBI Christopher Wray should provide a full explanation regarding the origins of the memo. He and his colleagues will not let the agency deceive the American people.

The letter states that the persecution of Catholics is an attack on the principles of the nation. It also emphasizes that targeting people based on their political affiliation is an abuse of power. The senators defend the right to freedom of religion.

The FBI admitted that the memo was not approved by the agency. It also took necessary steps to prevent it from happening in the future. In addition, the agency stated that it does not investigate activities protected by the First Amendment solely for religious purposes. However, the new information that has surfaced contradicts the agency's claims.

The memo, which was leaked to the public, was circulated within the FBI's Richmond office. It discussed the agency's efforts to combat the threat of radicalization within the Catholic faith. Among the strategies the FBI discussed were engaging with religious leaders and hoping to recruit them as informants.

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