RFK Jr: The Democrat Luring Conservatives? Truth Exposed!

The right is buzzing about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and it’s beyond confusing. He may be a Democrat challenging President Biden during the primaries, but some conservatives and libertarians are flocking to his side. However, any true liberty-loving person should examine what RFK Jr. stands for before jumping on his bandwagon.

Although he may have some appealing views regarding COVID-19 and foreign policy, his stance on climate change alone should be enough to make conservatives run in the other direction. He’s called for the execution of oil company executives, as well as the imprisonment of “climate change deniers.” Furthermore, he’s been a vocal gun control supporter, blaming the NRA for the Parkland mass shooting.

While some may argue that he has changed his tune on these topics, his lack of acknowledgement of his past statements leads one to believe he’s simply saying what people want to hear.

Aside from these issues, he holds a typical big government stance on others, championing the rebuilding of the industrial infrastructure, welfare, and “a living wage” for all Americans. It’s time for conservatives and libertarians to wake up and realize that RFK Jr. is nothing more than a big government Democrat. Let’s leave him for the extreme left to embrace; we deserve better representation than what RFK Jr. has to offer.

Written by Staff Reports

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