Shocking! Hunter Biden Threatens Partner as Joe Sits Nearby, China Ties Exposed!

Hunter Biden, the controversial son of the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, was caught in another scandal that could bring down his father's government. This time, it is said that Hunter was with his father on the day that his Chinese business partner was threatened with death if he didn't pay his debts.

A WhatsApp message from a government worker says that Hunter sent the threatening message while he was sat next to his father. In the message, it is clear that they wanted to know why the Chinese businesses did not keep their "promise."

Hunter is seen driving Joe Biden's 1967 Corvette Stingray near his father's home in Delaware in a picture that could be seen as a family get-together. This is also shown by the GPS data in the pictures.

If Joe Biden really was sitting next to his son when he sent the message, it would be terrible for the President. He has said over and over that he and his son have never talked about business deals in other countries. The pictures and the threat from Hunter show that this is not true.

With all of this in mind, it is shocking that several IRS whistleblowers have accused DOJ officials of hiding the corrupt and shady business activities of the Biden family. Gary Shapley got the message when he was looking into Hunter Biden's taxes as a whistleblower.

Hunter Biden's shocking behavior has caused his father trouble for a long time. Joe Biden's questionable business deals and shady behavior have brought his government under the spotlight.

It's still not clear if their Chinese business friends called the Bidens that day or not. Hunter's own message shows that he was trying to solve the problem right away, before it got worse.

As the American people try to figure out what happened, it is very important that we ask for the truth. The close links that the Biden family has with China and other foreign governments could be a big security risk for our country. Stay tuned to learn more as it comes out.

Written by Staff Reports

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