Schimel’s Supreme Launch: Eyes Set on Rebalancing WI Court!

Former Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel kicked off his campaign on Thursday for a spot on the state Supreme Court, a whopping year and a half ahead of the 2025 election. The Republicans are revving up to reclaim control of the court after the recent swing to a liberal majority.

Schimel’s early entrance into the race is a bold move, giving him a head start to rake in those campaign funds and sending a clear message to any other contenders to back off. This guy doesn’t mess around.

The target in Schimel’s sights? Liberal Justice Ann Bradley, who’s already gunning for a fourth term. Bradley, a consistent vote in the court’s liberal bloc, isn’t making it easy for the conservatives to gain ground. After the recent win of Justice Janet Protasiewicz over former state Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly, the scales tipped to a 4-3 liberal majority. Something needs to change, and Schimel isn’t afraid to shake things up.

Speaking of shaking things up, Schimel launched his campaign at the Weldall Manufacturing facility in Waukesha. Picture this: a massive American flag hanging from a 100-ton crane, as Schimel dives into the political battleground with the gusto of a rockstar. Literally, because he started off the evening jamming out with his band before getting down to business. Now that’s an entrance fit for a future Supreme Court justice.

Abortion rights and political maps are hot-button issues in this race. Schimel isn’t shy about his views on abortion, and he’s not backing down on defending those Republican-drawn political maps either. He’s a man of conviction, and he’s not about to let his conservative principles take a backseat.

With 25 years as a Waukesha County prosecutor and one term as attorney general under his belt, Schimel’s no stranger to the legal game. Sure, he lost his reelection bid in 2018 to a Democrat, but that’s water under the bridge. Now, he’s aiming for the highest court in the state, and he’s not holding back.

Of course, the Democrats have their own thoughts on the matter. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Walker isn’t holding back either, slamming Schimel for his “extreme politics” and “inept mismanagement.” It’s game on, and the stakes are sky-high.

Buckle up, folks. The race to unseat Bradley is about to get wild, with spending soaring through the roof. Get ready for a showdown that’ll make history – and not just in Wisconsin.

Written by Staff Reports

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