Trump Eyes Firebrand Kari Lake as 2024 VP Pick: Left Quakes in Fear

While the 2024 presidential election is more than 16 months away, former President Donald Trump is already considering a running mate. Kari Lake, a Republican from Arizona, is rumored to be the ideal candidate for Trump's running mate, and with good reason.

Despite her lack of political experience, Lake made a name for herself by exposing the progressive plans of the Democratic Party, much to the dismay of the Left. She entered the Arizona gubernatorial campaign, which she claims was stolen from her by Katie Hobbs, the Democratic candidate. Trump endorsed her for governor, stating that she was one of the few who could take on the "fake news media" and defend Americans from Covid lockdowns, cancel culture, and woke curriculum in schools.

Trump's ardent supporter, Lake, is frequently spotted campaigning for him and has even threatened his foes by stating that they would have to "go through me and 75 million Americans just like me" This fervent support has garnered her the appellation "Republican firebrand."

Recent reports indicate that Lake has been spending more time than even Melania Trump at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. According to sources, she "practically resides" in a suite on the property. Then why not? There is no doubt that Lake would gain invaluable experience by being in close proximity to Trump.

Publications with a liberal bias have attempted to speculate on the nature of Lake and Trump's relationship, but her team has been swift to deny ludicrous claims. Kari Lake is a staunch defender of the values that have made America great, and she would make an outstanding Vice President under Donald Trump's leadership.

Written by Staff Reports

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