UN Chief Urges Restraint as Israel-Iran Tensions Escalate Amid UN Clash

In the latest Middle East showdown, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is pleading with Security Council members to avoid a full-scale conflict, as tensions soar between Israel and Iran. The UN Secretary-General insists, “Now is the time to defuse and de-escalate. Now is the time for maximum restraint. Now is the time to step back from the brink.”

Guterres’s comments follow an emergency meeting called by Israel after Iran’s drone and missile barrage. Despite Iran’s aggression, most of the offense was stoutly thwarted by Israel and its allies, including United States forces. Guterres strongly condemned Iran’s “serious escalation” and called for an immediate cessation of the hostilities.

Meanwhile, Iranian Ambassador to the U.N. Saeed Iravani brazenly claimed that Iran’s attack was an act of self-defense and did not breach any U.N. rules. According to Iravani, the drone attack was in retaliation for a missile attack on April 1, which Iran attributed to Israel, even though Israel has not claimed responsibility.

In the midst of this turmoil, President Joe Biden reportedly discouraged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from launching a counterattack against Iran, even going so far as to characterize the intercepted missiles as a “win.” As a result, Israeli schools are closed across the country amid the ongoing threat of further attacks, underscoring the serious nature of the situation in the region.

Written by Staff Reports

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