US Govt. Announces Plan To Shoot Cows From Helicopters.. Seriously

The U.S. Forest Service recently announced a controversial plan to shoot feral cattle from helicopters in order to protect the environment. The plan was approved by Forest Supervisor Camille Howes, who stated that the decision was difficult but necessary due to the feral cattle’s aggression towards wilderness visitors, year-round grazing, and trampling of stream banks and springs. This plan has been met with criticism from ranchers and environmentalists alike, who are concerned about the inhumane nature of the plan as well as the potential for wolves to become accustomed to eating cattle and coming closer to ranches.

The New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association has attempted to find a solution that would not involve shooting the feral cattle. They have proposed a directive issued by the New Mexico Livestock Board that would allow neighboring permittees to gather and herd the cattle out. However, due to limited access due to snow, the federal officials have not given enough time to see if this directive will work. The association has also accused the US Forest Service of skirting its own regulations that call for a roundup first, and shooting as the last resort.

Tom Paterson, chair of the association’s wildlife committee, has expressed his concern about the plan. He believes that society should strive for a better solution than shooting the cattle from helicopters, one that does not waste an economic resource. He has also pointed out that easy and frustration should not be exceptions to the rules.

Ranchers have also expressed their concern about the plan, arguing that it is cruel and inhumane. They have suggested that more creative solutions should be explored in order to protect the environment without wasting an economic resource or resorting to inhumane methods.

The US Forest Service’s plan to shoot feral cattle from helicopters has been met with criticism from both environmentalists and ranchers alike. While the plan may be necessary in order to protect the environment, it is important to explore more creative solutions that do not involve shooting the cattle from helicopters or wasting an economic resource. Society should strive for a better solution that is both humane and effective.

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