VP Harris Uses Profanity in Speech on Breaking Barriers at APAICS Summit

Vice President Kamala Harris made quite a stir at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) Legislative Leadership Summit in Washington, DC. During her speech, she dropped an f-bomb while dishing out advice on breaking barriers. Harris emphasized the importance of perseverance and courage when faced with challenges.

Harris encouraged the crowd to not be deterred by barriers but to break them down with determination. She used colorful language, saying that sometimes you have to “kick that darn door down” when it’s not opened for you. Harris highlighted the sacrifices and struggles involved in breaking barriers, likening it to getting cut and bleeding along the way. 


The Vice President urged young people to enter different rooms with confidence, whether it be a meeting room, boardroom, courtroom, or hearing room. She emphasized the need for resilience and tenacity in the face of obstacles. After her remarks, Harris apologized for her language but was met with cheers and applause from the audience.

Harris’s comments came in response to a question from comedian Jimmy O. Yang, who inquired about her experience as the first black American and South Asian American vice president. Harris reflected on how her background and heritage have shaped her perspectives and approach to leadership.

Overall, Harris’s message centered on empowerment and perseverance, encouraging individuals to push past barriers and strive for success. Her spirited delivery and candid language resonated with the audience, sparking laughter and applause.

Written by Staff Reports

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