Ballot: Fulton County Finds ‘Lost’ Votes During Recount

The Fulton County elections board has officially acknowledged the discovery of "missing" ballots from Tuesday's election. These overlooked batches of Advance Voting Ballots, or early in-person ballots, escaped notice during the November 7 election but surfaced during the recount on Monday. The sudden appearance of votes has drawn comparisons to finding loose change under couch cushions, creating a surprising twist in the election aftermath.

The recount, conducted "to confirm the accuracy of the election results before Election certification," implies that an oversight occurred initially, prompting a second check to rectify any discrepancies. This situation is akin to a student realizing they forgot to study for a test and scrambling to cram the night before.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) released a statement, attributing the discovery in Fulton County to the auditable paper ballot system. This move, classic of the Republican playbook, involves taking credit for rectifying an error that ideally should have been avoided in the first place. Nonetheless, if such measures prevent future malfunctions, a bit of self-congratulation may be justified.

In another intriguing development, two high-profile criminal defense attorneys swiftly filed a motion to withdraw from a 2020 election case amid questions about the "missing" ballots. This maneuver resembles a game of hot potato, with individuals attempting to pass off responsibility before things become overly complicated. The election board and these attorneys appear to be engaged in a race to distance themselves from the unfolding situation.

Furthermore, there are allegations of potential mail-in ballot fraud, involving suspiciously pristine Biden ballots and chain-of-custody issues in Georgia related to ballot images. The narrative surrounding these events is transforming a routine election recount into something resembling a political thriller. The fact that the Associated Press did not refute the substance of the reports but dismissed the narrative as irrelevant adds another layer of complexity to this unfolding situation.

In conclusion, it appears that more than Aunt Karen's famed lasagna recipe has gone missing – so have ballots in Fulton County. With everyone involved seemingly attempting to distance themselves from the issue, this unfolding drama resembles a hot potato game gone awry. Stay tuned for the next episode of "The Great Ballot Caper" – coming soon to a courthouse near you!



Written by Staff Reports

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