BLM Twists Facts: Pins Trans Shooter Blame on Conservatives

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is blaming conservatives for the recent mass shooting in Philadelphia, claiming that the shooter, Kimbrady Carriker, who is a cross-dressing BLM activist, wasn’t really transgender. However, this claim seems more like a carefully planned bout of virtue signaling than a statement of truth.

Let’s get one thing straight here, pun intended. We are dealing with a mass shooter who dresses like a woman and goes by a feminized name. Whether you call that transgender or not, it’s clear that Carriker is suffering from some mental delusions. Just like the transgender shooter in Nashville, we can’t shy away from the reality that these individuals are dealing with serious psychological issues.

It’s no surprise that BLM and their far-left trans activist friends are quick to avoid any association with Carriker’s actions. They want to push the narrative that Carriker wasn’t “really” transgender, as if that somehow absolves the transgender community from any responsibility. But let’s be honest, this claim is just too convenient for their agenda.

What is truly ridiculous is the rush to blame conservatives for pointing out the circumstances surrounding Carriker’s identity. Sharing pictures of Carriker in women’s clothing is not an act of violence. The real violence occurred when Carriker took the lives of five innocent people and injured many others. That should be the focus of our attention and efforts, not finding ways to deflect blame onto conservatives.

It’s not surprising that BLM is trying to shift the blame onto conservatives. They are known for their divisive tactics and attempts to stir up outrage. But let’s not forget that BLM activists have been involved in numerous violent and destructive protests over the years. So, if they want to talk about violence, maybe they should start by looking in the mirror.

The bottom line is that we need to address the real issues at hand. We can’t ignore the fact that there have been multiple transgender mass shooters in recent years. Instead of trying to brush it off and claim that they weren’t “really” transgender, we need to have an open and honest conversation about mental illness and the potential dangers it can pose to society. That’s a conversation that BLM and their allies seem to be avoiding, and it’s a disservice to those who have lost their lives to these tragic events.

Written by Staff Reports

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