Bold McCarthy Attacks Spend-Happy Senate GOP Over Budget Frenzy!

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) expressed his frustration with Senate Republicans for attempting to exceed the caps set in the debt ceiling bill. During a private call with GOP members, McCarthy stressed the importance of passing the homeland security appropriations bill and focusing on key issues like borders and energy in order to strengthen their negotiating position.

McCarthy recognized the challenge of passing all 12 appropriations bills before the September 30 deadline, when the government’s funding expires. He acknowledged the likelihood of needing a short-term continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown, cautioning that such a scenario would grant Democrats control over the messaging and empower the administration.

To prevent a potential funding gap during the holidays, McCarthy urged the Senate not to cause delays. He believed that if the House can pass the homeland appropriations bill and other spending bills before September 30, they would have an advantage during the conference committee negotiations.

McCarthy emphasized the need for strategic planning rather than holding out and risking a government shutdown. He advocated for passing the appropriations bills they can, followed by a short-term continuing resolution, and then engaging in a conference with the Senate.

However, some House members pushed back against the idea of a continuing resolution. Representative Chip Roy (R-TX), a vocal member of the Freedom Caucus, expressed concerns about funding the Department of Homeland Security without addressing conservative priorities. He believed that leveraging the September 30 deadline was crucial for passing conservative policies.

Representative Bob Good (R-VA) also opposed a short-term continuing resolution, advocating for a tougher stance. Good emphasized that the House must be willing to walk away and vote against any spending bill that doesn’t align with their goals.

In conclusion, McCarthy aimed to unify House Republicans around passing appropriations bills while strategically navigating negotiations with the Senate. His goal was to fight for their priorities, especially border security, and avoid giving Democrats undue control over the messaging.

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