Devon Archer’s Testimony: Comer Gets Live Updates, Claims GOP Aide

James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, was criticized after he claimed that he was on the phone during the panel's interview with Devon Archer, the business associate of Hunter Biden. A Republican aide then explained that Comer was actually in constant communication with the committee's staff members throughout the entire testimony.

It was widely assumed that James Comer would not be participating in the interview. Instead, the transcribed interview was handled by the committee staff. Members of Congress are allowed to participate in the questioning of the witness. Those who were present for the session were Reps. Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, and Dan Goldman.

After it was reported that James Comer was not at the interview with Devon Archer, he appeared on Fox News to explain his absence. He claimed that he was on the phone during the session. However, Goldman denied his involvement in the interview.

A Republican aide noted that Comer was in regular communication with members of the Oversight Committee's staff throughout the interview. He was not on the phone during Archer's testimony.

A Democratic group that is focused on opposing the investigations conducted by House Republicans regarding the Biden family filed an ethics complaint against James Comer. According to the group, his claim that he was "on the phone" during the interview violated House rules. However, the Oversight Committee responded by accusing the group of being more concerned with politics than ethics.

As a conservative commentator, I believe that the Democrats are resorting to distractions and baseless allegations in order to protect their own interests. According to Devon Archer's interview, members of the Biden family had engaged in questionable business transactions.

Instead of investigating the allegations involving the Biden family, the Democrats have been focusing on the president's actions. It is important that the truth and ethics of the government are upheld. The investigations should be carried out to ensure that the government is following proper procedures.

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